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The Ultimate Office Christmas Gift Guide

Cell Com Cool Gadgets The Ultimate Office Christmas Gift Guide
The Ultimate Office Christmas Gift Guide

Cool Gadgets

The Ultimate Office Christmas Gift Guide

Posted By Bebo

Cool Gadgets for The Office

While family members will often tell you exactly what they want for Christmas – and if you’re lucky there will even be a list – buying for the office Secret Santa can be the biggest nightmare. There is pressure to be original, funny and all within a price range – fail to meet any of these criteria and you may just find yourself the butt of all jokes that Christmas party. Gadget Land Shop have a Christmas gift for every office personality that will meet the secret Santa rule book quite nicely!

The Gamer Guy
You get what you see with this guy, he never fails to rock up in the best 90’s themed music t-shirt. He loves a cult classic, question him on Final Fantasy and you will not be leaving his desk till gone lunch time. This guy is in need of an office desk distraction – something the gamer inside of him will love. This 90’s inspired classic Mini Arcade Machine is the ideal pass time for the office gamer.

The Party Starter
Every office has its very own Micheal Scott, the optimist and first to the pub on a Friday. What better gift for this office happiness provider than these awesome Edible Shot Glasses! Combining chewy and sweet gummy glasses with delicious and flavoursome shots, these really are the best way to get into the party spirit – literally!

The Introvert
There’s nothing more stressful for your office introvert than to have to deal with phone calls, meetings and people all day long. So let your quiet and retiring type relax in their own private world with these fabulous Vizor Glasses Pro. With endless worlds, games and entertainment to explore, they’ll wonder how they ever managed without them!

The Joker
Ever since our school days, there’s always been that one person who loves to mess around, tell dirty and jokes and play pranks on people – and the office is no different! So for your practical joker, we recommend appealing to their naughty side with this naughty but nice Emoticon Poo Mug! This cheeky chap is the ideal desktop accessory – complete with mischievous grin and swirly lid!

The Animal Lover
With cute kitten wallpaper on their computer, endless talk about their fluffy companions and a love for baby panda YouTube videos, the Animal Lover is super easy to spot! So make all you Animal Lover’s Christmases come at once with these ridiculously cute Animal Speakers! These pocket sized Bluetooth speakers are available in the form of a cute cat, dainty dog, precious pig or awesome unicorn!

The Big Kid
Let’s face it, we’re big kids at heart, it’s just some of are better at hiding it than others! So if you’re office Peter Pan also loves the beautiful game (or at very least foosball) then this Table Top Football set is the perfect choice! You might not get much work done, but break times and lunch hours will suddenly become more far more fun! Host office wide tournaments or one on one showdowns to really appeal to kids of any age!

The Socialite
The chattiest person in the office is well known for texting, messaging and being the most active Instagrammer you know! But what to get for the most popular person around? The Emoji Flipbook is the perfect desktop accessory to show everyone you exactly what you’re feeling. So for when words just aren’t enough, this awesome flipbook says it all!

The Outdoor Explorer
We’ve all been there, you go for a five-mile bike ride and feel really excited about it, tell everyone in the office about your achievements only to find that your super Outdoor Explorer rode 50 miles and climbed a mountain at the weekend. So if you know someone who seems to go everywhere and do it all, then give them the perfect accessory to their adventures – the Gator Multi Tool! This well-equipped, lightweight and ergonomic design will give your colleague everything they need to take on the great outdoors with ease!

The Tech Wizard
Every office needs a tech wizard. Sure, half the time we don’t what they’re talking about, but when you’re in need of a computer whizz kid they’re always on hand to help! So show your appreciation for the house genius with this stunning Plasma Mouse! Built with illuminating LEDs, this high end gaming mouse lets you choose from a not so shoddy 16.8 million RGB colours, making a stunning centrepiece for any desktop!

The Grumpy One
It’s not easy being the grumpy guy in the workplace. When every little noise, conversation or email ticks you off, days can be a bit of a drag! To help your resident grump get through the day, give them this Duck Off mug to show you care! Helping your colleague ward off any potential conversations or friendships, this delightfully suitable mug makes the perfect desktop accompaniment!

Written by Bebo

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